Within life, finding the right balance between work, family, friends, health, money, personal growth, and fun can be challenging. By balance, I mean managing the time and activities spent in each of these areas of life to prevent unhealthy outcomes like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and other chronic conditions.

One of the most common reasons clients share for not reaching their health and wellness goals is lack of time; and this is an area of my own I work on daily. Between your spouse, boss, kids, parents, professors, and community, your week is already booked solid with events that are meaningful and responsibilities that require attention. And connection with others is an important part of a healthy wellness plan not to be overlooked.

So, how does the right balance happen? How can you still participate in things you enjoy, maintain meaningful relationships, manage responsibilities, and find a few minutes (15 – 30) three or more days each week to give yourself a leisure walk, meditation, bike ride, or other healthy activity? The answer is different for each person, because each person has a unique set of variables to manage.

As with all health and wellness goals, achieving the right balance is a journey not a destination. Continual, daily or at least weekly attention is devoted to carving out that 15+ minutes for yourself- much like setting an appointment that you don’t cancel. Although change is a constant within our lives that may require this appointment with ourselves to be rescheduled occasionally when something unexpected demands our attention; and this appointment can be moved into a completely different time slot when necessary.

If you keep health and well-being as a priority scheduling that few minutes for yourself regularly, you are making a step in the right direction to improving your health and wellness. Begin with one small goal for this week. Take it one day at a time and watch what happens. Before long, you will start to see the beauty of balance in reality.