This is one of the most common questions I hear. The following answers are not all the possible answers but a few may surprise you. For some, they want instant “microwave” results. They feel that after 2 weeks on the program, they should see “more” results. They get discouraged and that discouragement sends them straight to the buffet, the cigarettes, or the couch. Unfortunately, they forgot that it took several months or even years to reach their current state of health, and most folks find that 5 or 6 weeks is a better time frame to see change happen in how they look and feel.

Another answer could be that the program they selected was not right for them from the start. Particularly, if the person selected an off-the-shelf program to follow, or gave their coach very little input about their program. Every person is unique and their preferences are just as unique; even in brothers and sisters. Following a program just because it worked for someone else may not be the best idea unless you are open to experimenting to see if you like the program and its results.

Still another possibility is the person’s stage of readiness to change their lifestyle. There are 6 stages of readiness: 1-Precontemplation 2-Contemplation 3-Preparation 4-Action 5-Maintenance and 6-Termination. The Action stage is number 4 in the sequence (not number 1). Perhaps the person’s readiness to change is at stage 1, 2, or 3. Guess what? Not being at number 4 and ready for action in changing behavior IS OK. Learning to trust yourself and the process of lifestyle change takes time, trial and error, learning, and trying again.

In addition, many see themselves as being either ON or OFF the program. And in this clear and distinct ON or OFF, they also have unrealistic expectations and perhaps unrealistic goals set for themselves. You know… Nobody is 100 percent ON the program all the time. That would be a problem all by itself. The thing is to work towards being consistent 80 percent of the time with your choices. If you do that, you may find the other 20 percent takes care of itself.

So, these are just a few reasons for the frustration so many experience when attempting to change their lifestyle. Yes, lifestyle change is difficult. No doubt about it. But for those who have reached their health and wellness goals- the look on their faces is all you need to know it was worth it. Of course, these frustrations are among many that you may have experienced; and are all very good reasons to work with a coach to assist you on your journey to reach your health and wellness goals.